Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day in Sac Francisco

This weekend was my first time in Sac Francisco. My friends Jenae, Laikien, Angela, and I decided to go for the day on Saturday. I was very excited because I had only been there a couple times and it was for concerts so I never saw the city.
We went to Peer 39 and all along the water around there. We were going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge but we did not have the time because we got lost. Well Jenae got us lost. She had the map and she had been there before, so she thought she knew where to go. It was time for us to get some lunch Jenae decided to follow the crowds of people because “they were headed somewhere that would probably have a nice place to eat”. Bad idea! We all went down a side road and after 10 blocks Jenae came to the conclusion that there were no places to eat. So we looked at the map and made our way back to the peer. I cannot tell you how many roads we turn down trying to get back to the peer. That little detour had to be at least a two mile walk in the wrong direction. To make things worse for me I had on really old warn out shoes that made my feet go numb after the first mile of walking.
As we made our way back to the car we stopped at a couple of really pretty gardens and took pictures. One the way Laikien remembered a place to eat that was close to the car. In fact when we got there it was probably 100 feet from the car. It was called the Rainforest Café. It was really like the rainforest. It was even humid where we eat.
So we did not have time to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, but we did have a really good workout. I think we walked 4 ½ miles it just a couple hours.
The next day my feet hurt so bad. I was in Sac all of Sunday so I stopped and bought two new pairs of shoes and threw way the old ones. The good thing about this whole experience is that the new shoes I got were buy one get one ½ off!

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  1. You should have told us about your trip. I love San Francisco