Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I have not had anything interesting happen at all this week, so I am just going to give you an update on some things.
My cat Aslan is still missing. The signs I put up around the neighborhood are still up. But no one has called. My friends mom recently had a family cat die and so she I trying to keep my spirits up. It’s not helping much. With every passing day it becomes more and more of a reality that she is never going to come home. And that means something very bad has happened to her.
Now on a lighter note, the remodel is going well. The kitchen only needs the new sink put in, then it will be fully done and functional. We have not had a stove or sink for about 2 weeks so its been oatmeal at toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are all sick of it. The new floors counters and back splash look amazing. The kitchen looks so much bigger than before. I love it.
Next we start on the wood floors. That is going to be an even more difficult process. I think we will have to move out for a couple days. The wood is going down the hall to the bed rooms so the only place we will be able to walk is in the kitchen and the dining room.
The end result will be amazing so I am not going to put pics up until it is all done. It will look so good. So stay tuned.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost Cat

So my cat, Aslan is missing. My brother got Aslan and her sister Toby(I know that's a boy name but my brother named her) from Oregon 7 years ago. We have had then all their life. They came home to live with us as soon as they could leave their mother.
Aslan has been missing for a little over a week now. This is not a normal thing for her to do. She is an indoor outdoor cat and so she comes inside to eat and sleep. And she never leaves our property. She will not go in the road because when my dog Otis was hit by a car a couple years ago she saw the whole thing happen. From that day on she would never leave the property or even come close to the road.
Aslan is a watch cat. She keeps all wild animals and even dogs and other cats away from our house. Many times she has fought raccoons 3 times her size because they had moved in under our porch. She always won the fights. We named her Aslan because Aslan is the lion from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, she reminds us off a lion protecting its family. She is the strongest and toughest cat I know.
She is also they most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Her fur is all white and she has one blue eye and one yellow eye. I like her blue eye the best. She keeps herself very clean in the winter and in the summer she likes to role in the sun on the grass so sometimes she gets a little dirty. But she does not like to be so she cleans her fur a lot. So many of my friends have said she is very beautiful.
So because she is such a strong and tough cat I do not think that any other animal got her because she can hold her own in any fight.
There has been a couple nights when I could not sleep because horrible thoughts would play in my mind of what could have happened to her. So it hurts me to think of her in any pain.
I have gone to the animal shelter and filled out a lost cat form and I have made posters and put them up all around my neighborhood. No calls yet. I really want someone to call even if they know that something bad has happened to her. I cannot get enough sleep at night so I just want to know what happened to her, no matter what they tell me.

Friday, March 13, 2009


So my family is remodeling our house. We are putting in big tiles through our entry way, kitchen, and dining room. Then down the hall and in the living room we are putting in wood floors. And in the kitchen new counters, and back splash will be put in. All the walls are getting new paint and the brick under the wood burning stove is being pulled out.
This whole transformation is a big change for my family. We have never had the chance to do anything besides paint our house. My uncle is doing all of the construction and my dad and brother are helping him when he needs it.
The house is a mess right now. Everything from the kitchen and dining room are in the living room. That means the frig, stove, dish washer and dining room table. And the old carpet and tile is gone. The air is full of dust and the furniture had dist all over it. We cannot walk around the house without shoes because of nails and splinters. Our three cats are so angry, because of all the dust, noise, and they always get mad when we move the furniture around. They are staying out side all the time now. Our three dogs are fine with what is going on because they have a big space to run on the empty floor.
I cannot wait to see how the house will look when it is finished. My uncle said the house should be finished in two weeks. We will have to wait and see if that is true.
I am so excited!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Car

My sister got a new car. It is a KIA Spectra and it is so cute. I hate her!
She decided to get a new car because her Subaru kept having little problems. She has put a lot of money into it so she can get to school and work. This last time she fixed it, it cost her around $500. And it did not even completely fix the problem.
I inherited her Subaru. So when I got the car I thought it was fixed. My mother was supposed to tell me that there are still some problems. One thing I already knew about is that to get the car out of park I had to poke a stick into a whole next to the shifter and push down a button. It is so annoying. Sometimes it will work without doing that, but never when I really need it too. That’s all I knew that was wrong with it.
After the tired day of driving it I went to the movies with a friend. When I tried to turn on the car it just made a clicking sound. The batteries had died. I called my sister to asked her why that happened, she said sometimes the battery gets drained from something that is wrong with the started. So my brother had to give me a jump.
Later that day I realized that the brake lights would not turn on. It turns out that that happens a lot. So every time I get out of the car I have to check and make sure that the brake lights are not on. It they are I have to go under the brake pedal and move the wire around until they turn off. I hate it!
That’s not the only thing that is wrong with it, but I won’t bore you anymore. I just want to say that I wish, for once, I had a car that had nothing wrong with it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day in Sac Francisco

This weekend was my first time in Sac Francisco. My friends Jenae, Laikien, Angela, and I decided to go for the day on Saturday. I was very excited because I had only been there a couple times and it was for concerts so I never saw the city.
We went to Peer 39 and all along the water around there. We were going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge but we did not have the time because we got lost. Well Jenae got us lost. She had the map and she had been there before, so she thought she knew where to go. It was time for us to get some lunch Jenae decided to follow the crowds of people because “they were headed somewhere that would probably have a nice place to eat”. Bad idea! We all went down a side road and after 10 blocks Jenae came to the conclusion that there were no places to eat. So we looked at the map and made our way back to the peer. I cannot tell you how many roads we turn down trying to get back to the peer. That little detour had to be at least a two mile walk in the wrong direction. To make things worse for me I had on really old warn out shoes that made my feet go numb after the first mile of walking.
As we made our way back to the car we stopped at a couple of really pretty gardens and took pictures. One the way Laikien remembered a place to eat that was close to the car. In fact when we got there it was probably 100 feet from the car. It was called the Rainforest Café. It was really like the rainforest. It was even humid where we eat.
So we did not have time to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, but we did have a really good workout. I think we walked 4 ½ miles it just a couple hours.
The next day my feet hurt so bad. I was in Sac all of Sunday so I stopped and bought two new pairs of shoes and threw way the old ones. The good thing about this whole experience is that the new shoes I got were buy one get one ½ off!