Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cell Phones While Driving

I was one of those people that did not agree with the law that you can’t be on the phone while driving. But after an incident yesterday I decided it’s a good law.
My sister and I were in Sacramento looking for a new car for my sister. We went to a couple places and did not find anything. We met up with my brother on the way to a used car lot. We were on interstate 80 and we were following my brother in a different car. My brother answered his phone and then looked in his blind spot to see if he could merge into the next lane. He started to merge when a red car appeared in his window. He did not see the car in his blind spot because his arm was in the way and he did not realize it. So he tried to go back into the lane he was in but he over corrected and then pulled the wheel back and he did a 180. The tires were smoking and my sister and I thought he was flipping. We could see his face while he was spinning and he was terrified. The second I realized he was not going to flip I thought a car behind him would hit him head on. I whipped around and all the cars were far enough back they had time to slow down.
It was terrifying!
My sister was driving and she started crying and she did not know what to do. So I had to talk to her and get her focused back on the road. And tell her not to turn around because he was fine and he was catching up to us.
He called us and said it was cool but scary and he was shaking. Later when I talked to him he did not even remember who called him when it happened.
The rest of the day my parents, sister, and I were so grateful that the week before we put new tires on the car. If not he would have gone straight into the wall. I have now decided, as well as my brother, that we would buy a Bluetooth. And stop talking in the phone while driving.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Bad Days!

I have had a really bad couple of days.
So lets start with Monday. I was late for my first class On the way home I had to meet my parents at a gas station because I have a tire with a slow leak(so I had to fill it up), I was out of gas( I barely made it), and my mom left something in my car that she needed. Later that night I ran up to the store to return some movies that where almost late. When I got back home I heard a strange noise coming from the leaking tire. When I got closer I realized that there was a nail in the tire. So now it was leaking even faster.
Tuesday: I woke up from the ring of a text message. My friend Kayla had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night because she had to get her gall bladder taken out. At a young age I had mine taken out and I knew how much pain she was in. So I really wanted to go see her and tell the things that I had to go through. But when I got up my mom was making me clean the house because my uncle was coming over because he is helping us remodeling our house. While I was cleaning I do not know how or what I did, but I either pulled a muscle in my stomach or I tore a muscle. I had to sit of the couch for the rest of the day with a heating pad on my stomach. I also had a paper due in my history class on Wednesday so I was reading and typing until I had to go to a class at 7 pm. I live in Pollock Pines so I had to drive all the way to Placerville. When I got there, there were only 5 people and a note on the wrong door saying the class was canceled. So I had to drive all the way back to Pollock Pines and refill my tire.
Now for today (Wednesday). I had to drive my mom to my uncle’s house in Placerville, on my way to school today. The snow was so deep this morning and we did not have time to get the snow off the drive way so we slide all over the place trying to get out. We finally left the house 20 min later than I had planed so that I could get to school on time. My mom was so scared we were going to crash that all the way down to Placerville she drove 35 miles per hour (on the freeway!). So I was late to class again. And that made me late to my next class because I did not have enough time to print my history paper. I went to lunch and rushed back to find out this class was canceled. Normally I check my email in the morning to see if any of my classes were canceled, but my internet has been out because of the storm from Sunday night. It is taking Comcast 3 days to fix every ones service. So now I am writing this blog and after this I am going to get a new tire on my car. I hope everything goes better for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RIP Otis

The other day I was coming home from school. I was about a mile from my house when a couple cars in front of me 3 dogs ran into the road. My heart stopped. There was a big dog, a small dog and a puppy. The car put on its brakes but it was too late the little puppy got hit. I was so freaked out. It looked like the car ran over its head but it ran over its shoulder. The dog got up and started flailing around then it limped as it ran off.
As I saw the puppy stumble away I could not help but cry. This incident really his me hard. Three years ago I had a dog named Otis. He was a very important member of the family. My family and I had tought him a lot of really cool tricks. And he would always protect me when a friend came to the house.
On the fouth of July I was on the phone with a friend when my dad comes into the house and said that Otis got hurt. At the time I did not think anything of it. So I told my friend I had to go and I went out side. My mom had Otis in her arms and she was crying. Otis had gotten hit by a car but was still alive. I was totally shocked. My mom handed him to me and when to get the car so we could get him to a vet. The problem was it was a holiday the closest place that was open was 25 miles away. My mom, dad, grandma, and I jumped into the car and raced down the freeway.
Well to make and long story short and to not get into too many painful detailes, Otis died in my arms on the way to the animal hospital. The whole way back home all we could do was cry and no onw could say a word. When everyone was quiet you could feel the pain we were all going through.
So now whenever I see an animal in distress I think back to that horrible day and wish I could do something to prevent anyone from going through the pain I had to go through.
Otis and his best friend Toby