Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Bad Days!

I have had a really bad couple of days.
So lets start with Monday. I was late for my first class On the way home I had to meet my parents at a gas station because I have a tire with a slow leak(so I had to fill it up), I was out of gas( I barely made it), and my mom left something in my car that she needed. Later that night I ran up to the store to return some movies that where almost late. When I got back home I heard a strange noise coming from the leaking tire. When I got closer I realized that there was a nail in the tire. So now it was leaking even faster.
Tuesday: I woke up from the ring of a text message. My friend Kayla had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night because she had to get her gall bladder taken out. At a young age I had mine taken out and I knew how much pain she was in. So I really wanted to go see her and tell the things that I had to go through. But when I got up my mom was making me clean the house because my uncle was coming over because he is helping us remodeling our house. While I was cleaning I do not know how or what I did, but I either pulled a muscle in my stomach or I tore a muscle. I had to sit of the couch for the rest of the day with a heating pad on my stomach. I also had a paper due in my history class on Wednesday so I was reading and typing until I had to go to a class at 7 pm. I live in Pollock Pines so I had to drive all the way to Placerville. When I got there, there were only 5 people and a note on the wrong door saying the class was canceled. So I had to drive all the way back to Pollock Pines and refill my tire.
Now for today (Wednesday). I had to drive my mom to my uncle’s house in Placerville, on my way to school today. The snow was so deep this morning and we did not have time to get the snow off the drive way so we slide all over the place trying to get out. We finally left the house 20 min later than I had planed so that I could get to school on time. My mom was so scared we were going to crash that all the way down to Placerville she drove 35 miles per hour (on the freeway!). So I was late to class again. And that made me late to my next class because I did not have enough time to print my history paper. I went to lunch and rushed back to find out this class was canceled. Normally I check my email in the morning to see if any of my classes were canceled, but my internet has been out because of the storm from Sunday night. It is taking Comcast 3 days to fix every ones service. So now I am writing this blog and after this I am going to get a new tire on my car. I hope everything goes better for the rest of the day.


  1. Take a couple of minutes to take care of Crystal. A nice soak in a tub, bowl of ice-cream, whatever works for you. It'll help give you a fresh perspective on life, and that often is enough for life to send you something brighter, too. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Donna. On a side note, I also had tire trouble this past week. I had a screw in my tire, and a couple people on the freeway were trying to warn me. So I pulled over and checked the tire, and low and behold, it was going on flat. However, on the upside, I called AAA and they, literally, had a service truck out to me in under 10 minutes. I was impressed.