Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RIP Otis

The other day I was coming home from school. I was about a mile from my house when a couple cars in front of me 3 dogs ran into the road. My heart stopped. There was a big dog, a small dog and a puppy. The car put on its brakes but it was too late the little puppy got hit. I was so freaked out. It looked like the car ran over its head but it ran over its shoulder. The dog got up and started flailing around then it limped as it ran off.
As I saw the puppy stumble away I could not help but cry. This incident really his me hard. Three years ago I had a dog named Otis. He was a very important member of the family. My family and I had tought him a lot of really cool tricks. And he would always protect me when a friend came to the house.
On the fouth of July I was on the phone with a friend when my dad comes into the house and said that Otis got hurt. At the time I did not think anything of it. So I told my friend I had to go and I went out side. My mom had Otis in her arms and she was crying. Otis had gotten hit by a car but was still alive. I was totally shocked. My mom handed him to me and when to get the car so we could get him to a vet. The problem was it was a holiday the closest place that was open was 25 miles away. My mom, dad, grandma, and I jumped into the car and raced down the freeway.
Well to make and long story short and to not get into too many painful detailes, Otis died in my arms on the way to the animal hospital. The whole way back home all we could do was cry and no onw could say a word. When everyone was quiet you could feel the pain we were all going through.
So now whenever I see an animal in distress I think back to that horrible day and wish I could do something to prevent anyone from going through the pain I had to go through.
Otis and his best friend Toby


  1. omg that is so sad :( otis is probably the cutest dog ever :(((

  2. That is really sad and if anything were to happen to my dog i would feel how you did. I am sorry that that happened

  3. I'm so sorry that happened. I have had a few pets die in my life and it is just horrible. Everytime it has happened my mom swears she never wants to get a pet again. But, you always have to remember that the death of an animal is never as significant as all the joy they brought to our lives while they were with us. So far t has only been family pets that passed away. My fiance and I have a dog and cat and we love them dearly. I don't know what I will do when I someday lose them, but for now I have them to enjoy and love.

  4. Yeah it took my family 2 years to get any new pets because we were all so sad. But now we have 3cats and 3dogs. So I think we have made up for those years on not having a pet.