Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting Fall Semester

Starting fall semester was kind of crazy. Back in December when I was picking classes, it took me a couple days. I wanted all my classes on the same two to three days. Either Monday Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday.
The one thing preventing me from going more days a week is that I have a very old car that could deside to stop working at any minutes. So I wanted to take only classes at the El Dorado Center and have as little days of driving as possible.
So when I signed up for classes I had them on Monday Wednesday and one class on Friday. It was not excited about Wednesday because I had a five hour art class at 5:30. I would have to be at school for fourteen hours. On my first day in the art class I realized the class was more for people that can draw and like to draw. And that is just not me. The other things they do in the class I already learned from being in 3D design and a housing and interior design class in high school.
The only way to change my classes was to take a Mat Pilates class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I originally wanted to take this class but I was worried about my car. Now I do not have to worry about that because I am getting a car in a couple weeks. And a bonus is the car I am getting gets better gas mileage.
Even though I had such hard time figuring out my classes and I had some obstacles everything worked out for me.

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  1. I used to hate registering for classes when I was a student because, like you, I was concerned with how often I would have to drive. For me, though, it was because I was commuting from Sacramento to Davis. Unfortunately, I am still dealing with those sorts of scheduling issues because I wor at 3 different schools. Sometimes it feels like being a college teacher is a lot like it was being a college student.