Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cell Phones While Driving

I was one of those people that did not agree with the law that you can’t be on the phone while driving. But after an incident yesterday I decided it’s a good law.
My sister and I were in Sacramento looking for a new car for my sister. We went to a couple places and did not find anything. We met up with my brother on the way to a used car lot. We were on interstate 80 and we were following my brother in a different car. My brother answered his phone and then looked in his blind spot to see if he could merge into the next lane. He started to merge when a red car appeared in his window. He did not see the car in his blind spot because his arm was in the way and he did not realize it. So he tried to go back into the lane he was in but he over corrected and then pulled the wheel back and he did a 180. The tires were smoking and my sister and I thought he was flipping. We could see his face while he was spinning and he was terrified. The second I realized he was not going to flip I thought a car behind him would hit him head on. I whipped around and all the cars were far enough back they had time to slow down.
It was terrifying!
My sister was driving and she started crying and she did not know what to do. So I had to talk to her and get her focused back on the road. And tell her not to turn around because he was fine and he was catching up to us.
He called us and said it was cool but scary and he was shaking. Later when I talked to him he did not even remember who called him when it happened.
The rest of the day my parents, sister, and I were so grateful that the week before we put new tires on the car. If not he would have gone straight into the wall. I have now decided, as well as my brother, that we would buy a Bluetooth. And stop talking in the phone while driving.


  1. oh wow that is totally scary. i am a massive texter while driver. my eyes are always on the phone, not the road. then again, i think i am invincible and would never get in an accident ;) but at least your brother is okay!!!!! i got in a major accident and wasn't even supposed to live from a person that hit me that was on the phone :( cars are a scary thing.

  2. Oh, that's a good story to tell. I must admit, I still talk and text a lot while driving. I have certainly cut back for fear of getting a ticket, but I realize I need to stop for safety issues. I'm glad it all turned out okay.