Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Car

My sister got a new car. It is a KIA Spectra and it is so cute. I hate her!
She decided to get a new car because her Subaru kept having little problems. She has put a lot of money into it so she can get to school and work. This last time she fixed it, it cost her around $500. And it did not even completely fix the problem.
I inherited her Subaru. So when I got the car I thought it was fixed. My mother was supposed to tell me that there are still some problems. One thing I already knew about is that to get the car out of park I had to poke a stick into a whole next to the shifter and push down a button. It is so annoying. Sometimes it will work without doing that, but never when I really need it too. That’s all I knew that was wrong with it.
After the tired day of driving it I went to the movies with a friend. When I tried to turn on the car it just made a clicking sound. The batteries had died. I called my sister to asked her why that happened, she said sometimes the battery gets drained from something that is wrong with the started. So my brother had to give me a jump.
Later that day I realized that the brake lights would not turn on. It turns out that that happens a lot. So every time I get out of the car I have to check and make sure that the brake lights are not on. It they are I have to go under the brake pedal and move the wire around until they turn off. I hate it!
That’s not the only thing that is wrong with it, but I won’t bore you anymore. I just want to say that I wish, for once, I had a car that had nothing wrong with it.


  1. omg i have been through three girls, i feel ya. haha cars always have problems, and it sucks. buy a cheap old car. they are easy and cheap to work on. they not be stylish, but they get you from a to b.

  2. That sounds horrible. I agree with Melissa. Buying a car, while it may drain your financesfor a while, will be better then having a car that is a drain on your mental stability. That would drive me crazy (no pun intended).