Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I have not had anything interesting happen at all this week, so I am just going to give you an update on some things.
My cat Aslan is still missing. The signs I put up around the neighborhood are still up. But no one has called. My friends mom recently had a family cat die and so she I trying to keep my spirits up. It’s not helping much. With every passing day it becomes more and more of a reality that she is never going to come home. And that means something very bad has happened to her.
Now on a lighter note, the remodel is going well. The kitchen only needs the new sink put in, then it will be fully done and functional. We have not had a stove or sink for about 2 weeks so its been oatmeal at toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are all sick of it. The new floors counters and back splash look amazing. The kitchen looks so much bigger than before. I love it.
Next we start on the wood floors. That is going to be an even more difficult process. I think we will have to move out for a couple days. The wood is going down the hall to the bed rooms so the only place we will be able to walk is in the kitchen and the dining room.
The end result will be amazing so I am not going to put pics up until it is all done. It will look so good. So stay tuned.

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