Monday, May 4, 2009

Horrible News

On Saturday I got some really bad news. I have two friends that are sister. I have known for 10 years. We know each other’s family very well. We use to spend almost every day together. And we do not hangout as much now but we still keep in touch and help each other when they need it.
Their parents are divorced; their mother lives in town here and there dad lives in San Diego. I have met their dad twice and the first time I net him he creped me out, and I did not know why.
A couple years ago their dad was accused of groping four women. He went to jail for a year.
So recently there has been a man in the San Diego and San Francisco area that has been attacking women. The man would sit on the side of the highway and pretend something was wrong with his car and he would try to get women driving alone to pull over to help him. Or he would flash his lights at women alone in their cars to try and get them to put over by telling them there was something wrong with their car. When the women were getting back into their cars he would attack them.
My friend’s dad has been accused because they found DNA evidence that he did this to the women. Many other women that had this happen to them managed to get away. In many police line ups and photographs he was positively identified.
I was so shocked and still am. One of the sisters has said that all the news and newspapers are not telling the truth about everything. This is hard to believe because every news report and newspaper has said the same things.
I wish they did not have to go through all of this again, and this time it is even worse. I wish I could do something to help my friends and make this all go away but I cannot. And I cannot even begin to imagine the pain they are going through.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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