Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend in Redding

So my sister Alysha graduated from college on over the weekend. So my brother, his girlfriend, dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, and I went up to Redding for her graduation ceremony.
We left Friday morning. My brother and his girlfriend went in my parent’s car and my mom dad and I drive in my car with the three dogs.
My car is much smaller than my parent’s car and it has no air conditioner so it was a long 3 and ½ hour drive. My parents did not want my brother to drive my car because he drives all the cars really heard so we did’t want him to brake my fragile car when theirs is much stronger than mine.
All week my family and I were worried that I would not get to watch the graduation in person. There was a chance of rain and if it did rain I would not get to see her because she only had 6 tickets for the ceremony and I would not get one because she would give it to her old bible study teacher and one of her friends. I was not happy when she told me this. Luckily on Saturday there was not a cloud in the sky. It was so nice out only about 75 degrees.
On Friday and Saturday night we went to the Sundial Bridge. It is the only thing in Redding worth seeing. It is all lit up at night and you can walk all around it under it and there are really nice trains next to it. My family and I took some really cute pics there and the dogs loved it. I thing the dogs had more fun than we did.
The whole weekend was fun because it was a little vacation. My family and I have not been on a vacation in three years.

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