Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kicked Out

This week I was kicked out of my house. No, I did not get in trouble or anything like that.
It was because of the remodel. Our wood floors were being stained. So I could not go in my room or the bathroom. My brother and I had to stay at our friend house while my parents slept in the moder home with the three dogs.
I stayed at my friend Adreanna’s house. It was fun because there were two other girls staying with her too. It was really fun because we all went to Jr high and high school together. It was great to be able to catch up.
I thought I was only going to have to be there for two nights and it turned out that I had to stay there Monday to Friday. When I got home on Friday I still could not walk on the floor so I had to go through the back year and clime over the wood pile and then climb into my bedroom window to get clothes. That night I had to sleep in the moder home with the dogs because my parents went out of town.
And to make things even more annoying, late on Friday night while I was climbing over the wood pile to get the dogs I had to hold on to the water heater to I would not fall. As I was taking my hand off of the water heat something sharp but my hand open. When I got back to the moder home and looked at my hand in the light it was cut really deep and bleeding.
The remodel is a hassle and causes a lot of problems but hopefully all of this will be worth it in the end.

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