Monday, May 11, 2009

The House is done

Saturday my family had an Open House/Graduation Party for my sister that graduated from college. That house had to be completed from the remodel asap. So for the past two weeks my mom and I have been painting, moving around furniture, painting, planting flowers,painting, oh and did I say painting.
By the time Saturday came we were so tired. The house was not completely done but we hid it very well. The house looked so good. All our heard work paid off. Everyone loved it and could not believe how good it looked.
The only things that are left to be done are hanging pictures on the walls, and stuff like that.
The only thing that was bad was that my sister lives in Redding so she had no idea how much work we had to get done before her party. She was so ungrateful. She treated me like crap the whole day in front of all our family and friends. It was so rude and embarrassing. Next time she wants to have a party at the house I am not helping.
But the party was a success. I think 40 people came. And our out of town family came which was great because they never come and visit.
It feels good to have the house put back together again.

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